Wisdom Resort

Seminar house. ORganic Hotel. Healing center

 The SEINZ Wisdom Resort is a seminar house, organic hotel and healing center to be. Located on an idyllic property in the Ammergau Alps the SEINZ Wisdom Resort invites you to find your own wisdom. It is a place for conscious living, where silence, life and change can be felt. And every person with their own story is in center.

Nutrition is an important pillar in life adding to one’s health, which is why we prioritize organic* food. The concept veganPlus has been established, serving vegan food with the option of adding vegetarian elements if you desire.

The ingredients of the food are just as important as the timing of the intake. Our regular meal times:

Breakfast: 08:00 to 10:00 hours

Dinner: 19:00 to 20:00 hours

The SEINZ is particularly suitable for stays of several days as part of seminars, retreats, meetings or simply vacations. There is enough time to breathe, meet each other, learn new things and deepen your knowledge – which promotes lasting impact in everyday life after your stay.

As an organic hotel with eco-certification DE-ÖKO-006, we at SEINZ follow an ecological baseline in all areas. In respect to nature the following principles apply to our hotel: energy-saving, building with biological* materials, food from organic farmers, waste avoidance, natural garden design, avoidance of electromagnetic radiation and WiFi & TV-free hotel rooms.

The SEINZ offers a platform for cooperation and networking with regional and national therapists, coaches and doctors. In this way we create and use synergies for the possible activation of self-healing in humans. In this sense, organic hotel SEINZ as Wisdom Resort is indeed a place for CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP and a place to find your OWN WISDOM.

A cozy and welcoming atmosphere initiates your SEINZ experience. The SEINZ is a place of unity and hospitality. Our guests find togetherness and a feeling of “being at home” for their time being with us.

At the SEINZ Wisdom Resort we offer appealing offers in many areas: healthy lifestyle, nutrition, healing applications, spirituality, body work, music, mindfulness, expansion of consciousness, creativity, art, personal development, development of potential, animal communication and permaculture.


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