Organic hotel with veganPlus cuisine

What and how we eat

The principle of our creations is pretty simple:
It is produced organically, nourishes on all levels and naturally hits the spot. If you know already or want to discover yourself: you netiher need meat nor dairy products and eggs. We don’t treat it as restriction, but as a mindful and very versatile enjoyment. Naturally organic* and on a vegan plus base, on request vegetarian: It’s more than possible – it’s delicious!

Our cuisine is as seasonal as possible, fresh and tasty, digestible and healthy. Modern, German kitchen culture meets equally and mutually inspiring Ayurvedic, Asian 5-element cuisine and other holistic influences.

When it comes to ingredients in our kitchen, we put emphasis on natural, organic cultivation – if possible in Demeter quality.

On our own fields, we pay attention to the high quality and origin of the seeds. Thanks to the commitment on our fields we enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Additionally purchased goods are acquired regionally as far as possible.

You are invited to book our vegan / vegetarian half board at any time for € 29.00 per person per day.

veganes vegetarisches Essen

Bright prospects – for relaxed times

veganes 5 Gänge Buffet

Vegan plus cuisine

What we mean by vegan plus cuisine: we cook vegan and everyone can add vegetarian options to their food if they wish. Of course, we are happy to attend to someone’s wishes and special demands for allergy sufferers.

We provide a rich breakfast buffet with many homemade products and an evening buffet. If there are seminar groups in the house, there is also a lunch buffet which can be booked additionally to your half board.

Our meal times:

breakfast 08.00-10.00 a.m.
Dinner 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Beverages & snack bar

You can find cool refreshments such as various organic beers, selected organic softdrinks and fine organic wines as well as organic coffee & tea specialties all day long in our self-service bar in the restaurant. Of course, we are always there for you if you have any questions or would like to recieve advice on our wine collection.

You will also find various snacks such as great organic chocolates, organic crackers and delicious organic ice cream at our self-service bar.

Kaffeeautomat in 24 Stunden Selbstbedienungsbar
Terrasse draußen Essen im Grünen

Pure enjoyment

The most essential of all nutrition being light and fresh air can be found abundantly on our terrace, with a wonderful view of the Ammergau Alps. – You can even indulge more on walks on our property and extensive surroundings with mountains, meadows, lakes, rivers and much more.